Oshatz House Roof 2
Oshatz House Front
Oshatz House Roofline

Greenleaf Design|Build is currently completing a one of a kind single family home that takes local residential builds to a new level. Designed by renowned architect, Robert Harvey Oshatz, and built by Greenleaf Design|Build for artisans Tenold and Karen, this home includes two art studio spaces, as well as a lower level art gallery, and is an extraordinary example of Oshatz’ Northwest Regional feeling and organic architecture style.


Owners Tenold and Karen have lived on land across the road from their new home for 40 years, raising their own garden and livestock, while Tenold created pastels, sculptures and glass art that has been featured in several Eugene buildings, including the stained glass mural “Island of Memory” in the Center Building at Lane Community College. When they decided to move to the sunnier side of the road, with the hopes of establishing an art institute in their original home, they worked closely with Robert Oshatz and Greenleaf Design|Build to design and build a 3600 square foot home, studio and gallery with an organic Northwest sensibility that nurtures their ongoing passion for beauty and the land. Every aspect of the home takes into account the owners’ desire for long lasting, artistic expression. Open breezeways connect living, studio, bedroom and garage spaces beneath a single 6000 square foot, organically shaped roof. Both the roof and the open, light interior are made possible by a unique system of curved steel pipes and glulams (glued laminated timber), allowing for wide expanses of glass and a remarkable, open vista.

Highlights include:

  • Ground Source Heat Pump

  • Two-sided Rumford Fireplace with Custom Made Oven/Grill on the Kitchen Side

  • Water Catchment System with Owner-Built Water Spouts and a 3000-gallon Cistern

  • Lower Level Gallery Space with 16-foot Ceilings

  • Owner-Designed Artisan Doors to be Installed

  • Use of Steel Siding To Give Rusted, Natural Appearance in the Landscape