Jon Carroll
Estimates & Project Management

Jen Carroll
Site Lead & Project Management



Andy, Bjorn, Ian, Drew, Pete, Christian, Shane, Ernesto, Mose, and Waylon

We know that building a home or even worse , living with a remodel can be a very intimate experience.  We hire our friends; people who we would invite into our homes.  

These people are considerate and will go out of their way to make it an easier experience for you.   They also like bear claws, coffee and morning haiku’s.



 Design it | Build it | Remodel it


Greenleaf likes to build custom, creative, and well built projects. We seek out these projects and we take pride in our work. Jon has lived in Eugene area for over 37 years. His son Jen has grown up and lived here his whole life. Now the two of us are working together as Greenleaf Design|Build. We started Greenleaf to better execute the extremely energy efficient, healthy and architecturally unique designs that we strive to create.

Greenleaf is very qualified to work with you, architects, engineers, and subcontractors who have a commitment to unique design and green construction. We hope you find our expertise useful for your next project.